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Occupational therapy

Occupational Therapy at Stanbridge Earls assists pupils to develop their co-ordination, personal, social and learning skills. We aim to increase an individual's independence and sense of self-worth using physical and social interactivity as the treatment.

Pupils are assessed by a State Registered Occupational Therapist, using standardised tests to measure each pupil's developmental performance levels. Treatment may then be delivered either individually or in a group.

Support staff assist in the Motor Skills Programme which offers a three-tier programme to Early Years (year 7), Improvers (years 8 and 9) and Seniors. Handwriting lessons are offered to pupils whose writing is significantly delayed, the priority being Early Years pupils.

The Occupational Therapy room is large, bright and is well equipped. Pupils attend to improve sensory-motor development such as balance, postural stability, body awareness and movement tolerance. Performance skills such as running, kicking and ball work are assisted by a safe, structured approach to physical activity development. Pupils who have tended to avoid many forms of physical activity need to regain their trust that success and enjoyment is possible. Peer support in the group programme is a powerfully positive reinforcer as pupils encourage one another.

Pupils benefit from the opportunity to catch up on delayed skills. They start to enjoy being in their body and feel more confident in it. They become interested in trying new activities. Academic learning benefits with improved sitting tolerance, less fatigue, increased concentration, improved visual tracking, improved visual-motor skills, improved spatial awareness / motor planning and increased self-control in a learning environment.


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