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The mathematics learning centre

Stanbridge Earls is unique in having a Mathematics Learning Centre (M.L.C). Pupils are taught on a one-to-one basis by teachers whose experience in this field spans over two decades. Each teacher has differing specialisms covering the whole academic spectrum, equipping them to teach pupils of all ages and abilities, especially those with difficulties such as Dyslexia, Dyscalculia and Dyspraxia.

Typically, a pupil with Dyscalculia is good at science, geometry and creative arts but has problems with time, direction, recalling schedules and keeping scores in games. Dyscalculics may be unable to grasp and remember the most basic number manipulation. Poor long term memory means they might be able to perform complex maths operations one day but draw a blank the next.

All pupils work in a warm, reassuring atmosphere and the department is well-equipped with games, activities and computer software. Individual learning programmes are designed for each pupil having one-to-one tuition based on their individual needs and the results of very thorough testing. After a confidence-building period concentrating on basic number and arithmetic skills, pupils are gradually introduced to more complex topics and supported through to GCSE and higher level examinations. No single teaching method is employed.

A pupil requiring 1 or 2 extra lessons will be taught in private study time, early morning or during lunch time. Pupils requiring 3 or more extra lessons may give up a subject and will be taught during that time. Pupils will have the opportunity to choose their own slot, avoiding precious free time, etc. Pupils are never withdrawn from English, Mathematics or Science.



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