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Modern Languages

From September 2004 Spanish has been phased into the curriculum following studies that Spanish may be an easier language to learn for pupils with learning difficulties. From September 2005, Spanish will be taught in years 7 and 8, whilst yrear 9 will continue with French.

Years 7 to 9 have two lessons per week and follow a multi-sensory course that incorporates games, videos, CD Roms and audio-cassettes to facilitate the retention of new vocabulary and grammar. It is largely an oral-based course and provides a good grounding in the essentials of language learning.

As from September 2005, French will not be offered as an option to year 10 pupils, however pupils may join a Spanish or a French club after school which will incorporate games and fun activities to help maintain an interest in language-learning.

In years 12 and 13, pupils can take beginners’ courses in French and Spanish, or they may retake a GCSE course to improve their grade.

AS and A2 level courses are available for pupils with a special flare for languages. Both courses include a high level of language attainment and provide students with a good grasp of another country’s culture.


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