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Mathematics is one of the core curriculum subjects at Stanbridge. The range of student abilities is exceptionally large, helping to explain the small sized classes maintained across the age groups. Close links have been developed between the mainstream Mathematics Department and the Mathematics Learning Centre (MLC), with recommendations and advice freely flowing between the two areas.

In Years 7 and 8 pupils are taught in groups of around 6, with two classroom assistants. There are five lessons per week with an emphasis on building confidence in basic number work through structured tasks, games and positive repetition.

In Year 9, students are prepared for the end of Key Stage 3 Standard Assessment Testing. Levels of entry range from 3-5 through to 6-8, most pupils attempting mental arithmetic tasks alongside the more traditional written papers. Group sizes are kept around 8 and KS3 results, received towards the end of the summer term, support the appropriate setting of students prior to the outset of their GCSE courses.

Years 10 and 11 are usually divided into five sets each, with rarely more than 10 students per set, often less than 6. Entries are either foundation or higher tier, with some students sitting earlier than expected, others later – dependent upon individual needs. Both tiers are currently examined, the examinations consisting of two papers, (one non-calculator and the other calculator) with support being given by individual MLC teachers.

Students not achieving their required grade in Year 11 have the opportunity of retaking their GCSE in Years 12 or 13.

Higher achieving students have the option of following the Edexcel AS/A2 Mathematics course, including Pure and Mechanics modules, over two years in the sixth form. This course is appropriate for students aiming for university placements upon leaving Stanbridge.


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