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The primary function of the ALC is to offer one-to-one teaching to students who need it. Occasionally small group work may also be offered if appropriate.

Staff assess their students carefully, using a variety of current, age-appropriate tests to prepare an individualised programme based on previous assessments, and tailored to meet individual needs. The department is fortunate in having a plentiful supply of diverse teaching materials, back-up games and audio-visual aids as well as a wide range of software for the computers. These resources are constantly being updated and improved so that the Centre remains at the cutting edge of provision for the dyslexic student.

Methods Used

There is no single method that is suitable to teach all dyslexics. Therefore, all students will receive an individual, multisensory, structured language programme designed to meet their particular needs.

Overlearning is a key element of our work, and staff are skilled at presenting the same material in novel and relevant ways. A multisensory approach is the cornerstone of many programmes, with staff building on what has gone before with the aim of moving their students forward. Programmes are flexible, and students are encouraged to participate in the planning of their work. Target setting is a shared activity and all success is met with praise and encouragement.

Programmes may incorporate several different techniques and will be designed to develop literacy skills to the full. They are tailored to meet the needs of each student and are based on a knowledge of the student’s strengths and weaknesses. Strengths are utilised to the full and special tasks are evolved to strengthen and improve areas that are weak. There is ample opportunity to follow particular interests and to use his or her vocabulary as a starting point for teaching.

Programmes are flexible and can be adapted to suit the changing needs of the student. We never under or over estimate what the need might be. The progress in emotional, intellectual, physical and social growth is unique to each one. As the student meets with success and encouragement, internal motivation develops.

All this is designed to build confidence and to challenge in a safe environment. Emphasis is placed on teacher/student rapport and if, as occasionally happens, personalities clash….tuition can be transferred to another teacher.

Students are never withdrawn from English, Mathematics and Science lessons.


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