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Life Skills

The Life Skills course aims to develop:

  • self- awareness skills including knowing our strengths and weaknesses and setting goals,
  • interactive skills focusing on interactions within the group, within friendships and out in the community, such as speaking clearly, listening,¬† using a telephone, resisting group pressure, understanding the effect we have on others and developing an empathetic understanding of others in society
  • problem solving skills which are needed to deal with difficult situations such as collecting, analysing and interpreting appropriate information, making decisions, filling in forms, managing money and finding¬† work.

The students will be encouraged to participate in group discussions and will have the opportunity of improving their key skills of communication, application of number and information technology.

Outings are also organized every term to encourage students to practice their interactive skills and independent living skills in various real life situations such as using the Post Office, ordering a meal and going on public transport.

The course is designed to address moral, social, ethical, cultural and environmental issues, as well as health and safety and citizenship and to prepare students to progress on to other initiatives.

The full course is assessed through coursework which comprises five compulsory core units and a choice of one optional unit.  The course suits lower attaining students, or students who find everyday situations challenging.


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