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The Junior School

The Junior School caters for Years 7 and 8 pupils. It has a separate identity to the Senior School and provides pupils with a secure base under the care and guidance of Junior School staff.

The Junior School aims to offer a highly structured and caring environment in which anxieties and feelings of failure are replaced with those of success. Each pupil is made to feel welcome and secure, and is helped to fulfil his or her individual potential. This takes place in a calm, quiet and supportive atmosphere.

A strong emphasis is placed on consolidating and reinforcing skills covered in Key Stage 2 at Primary level. The general guidelines of National Curriculum Key Stage 3 are followed, with pupils working at their individual levels of ability within a broad range of subjects.

Pupils are taught in small, streamed groups with differentiated work. Each forty-minute lesson is structured with manageable tasks to keep pupils focused and motivated. Pupils receive positive praise and encouragement and are helped with their concentration and listening skills. Every classroom is well-resourced, bright and welcoming, with displays of every pupil’s work.

The pupils attend a prep session at the end of each school day where work is a continuation of that done in lessons, and is clearly explained.

In addition to being a base for teaching academic subjects, Junior School provides pastoral support and a point of contact for any pupil feeling fragile or unsure where to go. There is a commendation system that rewards good work, attitude and behaviour.

The aim of the happy and relaxed environment of Junior School is for pupils to make positive progress at their own pace.


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