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In years 7 to 9 students broadly follow the National Curriculum studying the period between 1066 and the 1980s.  In year 7 the main emphasis is on the Medieval periods, 'year 8 the Tudors and Stuarts and in year 9 the Industrial Revolution which progresses into a breadth study of the 20th Century.   During the stage students are taught both the ‘story’ and the skills required for further historical study.

GCSE History is a popular choice at Stanbridge Earls.  The main focus of study is 'International Relations in the period 1919 to 1939', examining the causes of the Second World War and the rise of Nationalism.  The students also study three depth studies; 'The USA between 1919 and 1939', 'British History from 1906' and 'Germany from 1919 to 1939'. The latter is examined during a controlled assessment period of eight hours of supervised time.

Students may follow on to A level History from GCSE or can be considered as direct entrants if their results at GCSE support their ability.  The A level consists of four units, two for the AS and two for the A2.  For Unit 1 the AS students study a breadth study concentrating on Russia from 1881-1954.  This is examined in a one and a half hour exam during which the students answer 2 essay questions.  Unit 2 is the British History option.  Here we study Britain and the Irish Question 1867-1922.  This Unit looks to develop and examine skills in source interpretation and analysis.

A2 students study Unit 3, ‘From Kaiser to Fuhrer, Germany 1900-1945.  This Unit develops students understanding of Historical controversies, for example the debate over German responsibility for the First World War.  Unit 4 is an individual study looking at a 100 year period.

Students at all levels have the opportunity to make visits to sites in this country and throughout Europe. In recent years, groups have seen First World War trenches, Berlin, Auschwitz and the Salt Mines in Poland, St Petersburg and Moscow.

In class, a wide range of media, including interactive CDs, are used to help students gain in-depth understanding of each topic.


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Stanbridge Earls School, history visit to 1st World War grounds - graves

Stanbridge Earls School, history visit to 1st World War grounds - poppy memorial

Stanbridge Earls School, history visit to 1st World War grounds - advert