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Geography and Leisure Studies

Geography is taught in Years 7 and 8 by Junior School staff who relate it to subjects such as History and Science. In Years 7, 8 and 9, students follow the National Curriculum guidelines for Key Stage 3.

At all levels, from GCSE up to GCE, students are encouraged to show curiosity, interest and enjoyment in their studies and the world around them. Physical and Human influences need to be investigated and a respect for the environment and the many cultures of our planet encouraged.

A variety of skills are developed and revised throughout each pupil's progress through the year groups. Atlas, map and computer skills are essential. Fieldwork encourages research skills, teamwork, data retrieval, processing, presentation and analysis.

At all times Geography is related to other subject areas and Key Skills. It has wide applications to many Higher Education courses and professional careers. The courses offered will provide the necessary content, knowledge and skills to help prepare young adults for the many challenges and demands liable to confront them during their lifetimes.

The Sixth Form offers a variety of options. AS/A2 Geography serves students who have achieved high grades at GCSE. Applied GCE Leisure Studies is a vocational (work-related) course for good Advanced Level students. They may not have studied Geography at GCSE.

Vocational GCSE Leisure and Tourism is a double award course for students wishing to strengthen their GCSE grades before continuing to a higher level.


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