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The Citizenship Department aims to introduce our students to local, national and global issues that influence their lives. Our goal is to help each pupil to understand their world, and go on to play a full part within it as healthy, freethinking and objective citizens. The department achieves this using a sympathetic teaching style, which focuses on pupil participation. Our multi-sensory methods maximise our students' learning potential, with a mix of project work, practical tasks, debates, video, demonstration aids and written work.

In years 7 and 8, pupils learn skills for debating and team building, with co-operative games and exercises that deal with smoking, bullying, parliament and democracy, healthy living, the environment, human rights, relationships, drugs and solvents.

Year 9 students discover how the legal system works in this and other countries, and investigate self-awareness issues, alcohol, the media's influence on society, diversity, disability and world organisations.

Our year 10 pupils look at drug and sex education for most of the year. Our aim is to educate and raise awareness, by challenging pre-conceived notions, and informing them of the facts surrounding these grey areas. They then go on to look at a range of employment issues before their work experience commences.

The Year 11 students investigate personal finance, taxation, marriage, discrimination and current events in great depth - and are encouraged to see their vote as a positive force for change.

The Citizenship Department also encourages pupils to participate in their school through a variety of methods. Stanbridge Earls has a flourishing School Council run by year group representatives. There are also school-wide competitions, allowing each student to use their vote to influence decisions, as well as taking pride and care in their work through poster designs and other initiatives. Throughout the school year we also raise money for local and national charities.


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