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Art and Design and Fashion (Creative Studies)

In the Junior School drawing, colour, design and making skills are taught through projects such as making a model of an ideal bedroom and designing and painting a personal heraldic shield.

Year 9 students are introduced to more advanced drawing skills including perspective, still life and life drawing. Lettering and graphical skills are taught through projects on stencil and freehand lettering. 3D work includes making a large scale theatrical piece.

At GCSE level, students work on three coursework projects over four and a half terms. A wide variety of media in 2D and 3D are used to develop projects that include 'Self Portrait', 'Location' and 'Gothic'. Each project consists of several pieces of work, with academic and visual research, a range of ideas, development of the best idea and an evaluation in the form of notes and diagrams kept in a journal. The exam is in the fifth term.

AS and A2 are intended for students with a good GCSE pass. The AS consists of two pieces of coursework and an exam at the end of term 2. Journal work is more extensive than at GCSE and students make more trips to major galleries. Above all a greater commitment is expected to enable the student to make the difficult transition from GCSE level.

A2 coursework includes a research essay of between 1,000 and 2,000 words. Usually students find a topic of interest at AS level which they research and develop with the teacher's help. The essay may be presented in almost any format or medium.

All Advanced and GCSE work is marked internally and moderated externally. A2 work is marked at a higher standard than AS.

At the start of the final year A2 students apply through UCAS or directly to colleges and universities for specialist art and design courses.

Fashion (Creative Studies)

These courses are for sixth form students only
Level 1- One Year - for beginners who want to start exploring the world of fashion and garment making. Candidates sample the basic techniques of garment making and plan, produce and evaluate two simple items, together with a folder of work covering design features at a simple level.

Level 2 - One Year - a more intensive course. Candidates should have prior knowledge of sewing techniques and garment making. Students explore elements of design more fully, generating and sampling ideas. They make three individual garments that meet the requirements of the briefs.

Level 3 - Two Years - more complex tasks. Students work with chosen clients. Advanced design and making skills with thorough planning and evaluation. Candidates create six substantial, individually crafted garments with thorough back-up, supporting 'knowledge and theory', and sample portfolios.


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